Piksel digital print

Piksel d.o.o. is a leading company in the field of digital printing and its after-treatment in Slovenia. Our greatest advantages against competition are high tech manufacturing equipment and top-level qualification of technologists. Because of this, we have the advantage in three key positions: in product quality, production capacity and short reaction time.

Digital printing is entrusted to us by the greatest advertising space providers in Slovenia. We are one of the two leading printing companies in Slovenia, and the stated parameters place us in the first place. The variety of materials and products is therefore very diverse and abundant, and by following the development of technology it is constantly enhanced and supplemented.


The vision of our company is to maintain and strengthen our leading position in the field of digital printing in Slovenia and expand the extent of production and products that are used mainly in advertisitng and presentations of company's trade marks and products (e.g. in trading activities and events).


We wish to provide our clients with top quality of offered products and services as soon as possible and thus help the provide efficient presentations and achievement of business results. Top quality production can be provided on the grounds of following the technological development and its realization in real products. We want to offer our clients high quality printed matters that are enabled by the technology within the global sphere. 


Our strategy is based on systematic monitoring and investing into the most modern technology in a rapidly developing and variable market of digital printing. By investing in new technologies we at the same time also provide training and education of employees, and restore communication channels that shall enable optimal co-opertaion with current clients and presentation of products and acquisition of new clients.