DURST - Rho 800 (flatbed)

Digital printer Durst Rho 800 belongs to the group of so-called flatbed printers that enable direct printing onto hard and soft materials. Hereby, we not only avoid the procedures such as coating and lamination, however, costs of production are reduced on one side and on the other printing capacities to a wide range of various media is increased. It is also necessary to emphasize an additional option; white colour printing (background colour, self-supporting colour).

Technical data

Resolution: up to 600 dpi
Colours: - pigmental UV-resistant (CMYK, LC, LM)
White colour print
Printing speed: up to 150 m2/h
Media width: max 250 cm
Media thickness: max 4 cm
Media weight: max 70 kg/m²
Materials: wide spectrum of flexible and hard surfaces, e.g. light sandwich plates (Kapa...), foamed PVC boards (Forex, Komatex....), polycarbonate sheets (Lexan...), plexi, PVC foils, aluminum, cardboard panels, plastic, paper, self-adhesive foils, ceramics, glass, wood, marble and many more. 
Field of use: the usefulness of these media is also in numerous areas for indoor and outdoor use, e.g. fair graphics, events, indoor/outdoor labelling, POP/POS, interior design, decorations, theatre and movie set designs, outdoor advertising, construction site indicators...